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I chose to run a Pro Works Painting franchise because I know I can trust the systems and support the franchisor offers. Everything from how we as a company recruit painters, train painters, market our business, and then produce our projects is professional. I run a systemized, and structured business with over a dozen staff members, multiple company vehicles, and a full-time general manager. I strive to provide excellent service from first contact to the ongoing relationship to meet any current and future painting needs.

I’m always striving to improve myself and my business to help build a stronger community around me. Seeing my painters and clients have a great experience with the business I have built up for the last several years is endlessly gratifying! I hope to be able to build my business to the point where I can be a hands-on father to my future children. Being able to be there for every soccer game, and every dance recital is the goal. I’m confident that if I keep striving to operate my business to the best of my abilities I will be where I want to be in my life when the time comes.

John Morgan III

Owner, Pro Works Painting Okanagan

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Selection of appropriate painting products and following environmentally friendly painting procedures reduces the impact of VOCs on indoor quality. With reduced volatile gases, a healthier living or work space can be provided.

Safety is an important part of any painting job. Pro Works Painting’s Safety Program includes on sight manuals and weekly safety briefings that are advanced within the industry. Feel free to ask the Crew Chief to see the on-site safety program. We are very proud of it. It is a good practice to make sure any contractor you have doing work on your home has an on-site written safety program as it lowers the risk of any possible problems.

All business owners and painters must complete an extensive on-line safety course. All equipment is WCB approved and all appropriate procedures are followed.

A 3 year Paint and Labour warranty applies to all projects (contact us for details).

$5,000,000 in liability insurance covers you from any damage.

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