Kelowna House Painters

Pro Works painted Exterior Hardie siding, Shingle siding, Trim and Garage Doors.

House was pressure washed 5-7 days in advance to remove any dirt and mildew on the surfaces and allow enough time to dry prior to painting. Hearing protection and safety goggles used when performing pressure washing procedure. High areas of the job were performed using step ladders, 8-13ft multi-way ladders. 24ft ladders and a 32ft ladder. Drop sheets used in all working areas to ensure a clean job site. Before doing any roof work, painters ensured proper safety procedures were in place.

Any areas on the trim that were showing signs of old peeling paint were scraped, sanded and the bare wood was spot primed with exterior oil based primer.

The Exterior Hardie Siding and Shingle siding received 2 coats of Cloverdale Guardian Satin paint, which is good for low temperatures, helps reduce showing of imperfections on the surfaces and handles well against Kelowna’s weather to ensure a long lasting paint life.

The trim and garage doors were painted with 2 coats of Ecologic Eggshell. This premium quality paint increases the durability of the surface, washability and helps protect against the UV rays. All areas were painted using a 2-1/2 inch angular brush and 15mm roller. Paint was applied out of direct sunlight whenever possible to ensure optimal adhesion and curing time.

Client selected Pro Works Painting as the contractor due to meeting clients’ timeline, professionalism, attention to detail during the estimate process and word of mouth in the neighbourhood.

Paint House Hardie Siding

Kettle Valley Area
384 Rindle Court​
Kelowna BC V1W 5G5

Paint House Hardie Siding

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