Paint Interior Residential Home

All interior walls in the hallway painted. Activities undertaken by Pro Works Painting Okanagan:

Surface Preparation: All pre-existing holes in walls filled with Drydex spackling compound, then sanded with 120 grit sandpaper to provide smooth finish.

Test patch procedure by Production Manager with client to ensure colour match approval prior to painting.

Drop sheets used in all working areas. Dust and debris vacuumed using shop vacs upon completion of prep to ensure cleanliness around job site.

Painting: Due to a significant colour change, the walls received 1 coat of primer before receiving 2 coats of paint. Walls were painted using Cloverdale Super II Eggshell Acrylic Series. This product is ideal for interior walls as it’s durable and washable. Product was applied on walls using 15mm rollers and 2-1/2 inch angular paint brushes

5349 Chute Lake Road Kelowna

5349 Chute Lake Road Kelowna
Kettle Valley area

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