Painted Exterior Stucco siding, Fascia, Soffits, and Wood Window Frames. Activities undertaken by Pro Works Painting Kelowna:

Site Preparation: Pressure washing was done 5-7 days in advance to remove any dirt and mildew on the surfaces and allow enough time to dry prior to painting. Hearing protection and safety goggles used when performing pressure washing procedure.

Wood window frames were prepped using a metal-ended hand scraper, 60-80 grit sand paper and then spot priming any bare wood areas with exterior oil-based primer. Any old paint flakes or dust created was cleaned up with a shop vacuum to ensure a clean job site. Any areas that were not getting painted were masked off with painters plastic, tape and masking paper.

Painting Details: All Fascia, Soffits and Wood Window Frames received 3 coats of Cloverdale Ecologic Eggshell finish paint due to a significant colour change. The Fascia and Soffits were painted using a Titan paint sprayer with a fine finish tip to prevent plugging of the holes on the soffits. The Wood Window Frames were painted using a 2-1/2 inch angled brush. The Stucco siding was sprayed with the Titan paint sprayer and received 2 coats of Cloverdales Weatherone Covercoat Flat paint.

High areas of the job were performed using step ladders, 8-13ft Multiway ladders and 24ft extension ladders. Ladder wings used whenever accessing roof to ensure no ladders rest on clients eavestroughs, preventing any potential damage. Drop sheets used in all working areas to ensure no paint drops on clients property.

Respirator used when operating paint sprayer. Paint was applied out of direct sunlight whenever possible to ensure optimal adhesion and curing time.

985 Skeena Court Kelowna

985 Skeena Court Kelowna
Dilworth Area

985 Skeena Court Kelowna

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